Customize a Hypothetical CRT Scenario to Control Family Wealth – Vaughn Henry & Associates

Customize a Hypothetical CRT Scenario to Control Family Wealth – Vaughn Henry & Associates

Need A Hypothetical CRT Scenario?

CRT Scenario Options

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CRAT – Annuity Trust (fixed dollar amount distributed annually)

CRUT – Uni-Trust (fixed percentage of trust assets distributed, annually revalued)

CRUT with Make-Up Options (“NIMCRUT or spigot trust or flip trust”)

Need an Income Tax Deduction Calculation for your Hypothetical CRT?

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Check if the estate’s assets exceed $1,500,000

Check box if you are satisfied that your estate plan, trust or will has eliminated all unnecessary taxes and is currently up to date

Check box if there are family heirs to protect with a wealth replacement trust

(using insurance or other gifted assets to replace wealth transferred to charity)