Horse Farm Management – Vaughn Henry & Associates

Horse Farm Management – Vaughn Henry & Associates

~~~ Technical Resources on Reproduction ~~~

imageHorse Books and VideoimageEquine Reproductive Physiology, Breeding and Stud Management, 2nd Edition by M C G Davies Morel

imageEncyclopedia of ReproductionimageEquine Research Pubs.imageEquiresource Articles

imageBET Labs ReportsimageAnovulatory FolliclesimageFSH and LHimageSuperovulation

imageEstrous Cycle Characteristics of DonkeysimageArtificial Insemination for Miniature DonkeysimageReproduction in Miniature Donkeys

imageHorse Breeding Arithmetic University of Missouri Article on Breeding

imageNormal Equine Estrous CycleimageMare’s Estrous CycleimageReproductive SeasonalityimageSeasonal Influences

imageEquine Nutrition & Physiology SocietyimageModern Equine Breeding Management

imageEquine Theriogenology ArticlesimageGeorgia Theriogenology Lecture Series good cites, good descriptions

imageEquine PregnancyimageEndometrial CystsimageEarly Events in Pregnancy

imageFetomaternal interactions and influences during equine pregnancy(or the fully illustrated PDF)

imageGrowing Up: Estimating Adult SizeimageInfluence of maternal size on placental, fetal and postnatal growth in the horse. I. Development in utero

imageThe influence of maternal size on placental, fetal and postnatal growth in the horse. II. Endocrinology of pregnancy

imageThe influence of maternal size on pre- and postnatal growth in the horse: III Postnatal growth

imageeFSH Enhancing Reproductive PerformanceimageAssisted ReproductionimageSelect BreedersimageEquine Embryo TransfersimageColorado State University – Equine ResearchCSU Paper on Equine Embryo TransferimageEighth International Symposium on Equine Reproduction, – Fort Collins, 2002 edited by M. J. Evans

imageEarly Equine EmbryologyimageEstrogen Metabolism in the Equine ConceptusimageEquine Reproduction Symposium

imageEquine PregnancyimageCurrent Equine Embryo Transfer Techniques

imageWhat Can we Expect for the Future in Stallion Reproduction?

imageManagement of Shuttle Stallions for Maximum Reproductive Efficiency

imageEquine Report – University of California-Davis Vet Med

imagePlants Associated with Congenital Defects and Reproductive FailureimageWorkshops in Equine Veterinary Medicine

imageProceedings of the International Symposia on Equine Reproduction

imageNew Bolton Center Repro and Management Publications excellent resource

imageEndometritis inducida por el apareamiento continuo en la yegua: patogénesis, diagnóstico y tratamiento

imageUterine CytologyimageDiagnosis of Endometritis (Uterine Infections)imageMare Uterine CytologyimageCytology

imagePersistent Mating Induced Endometritis in the Mare

imageStudies of egg, sperm, and oviduct aim to explain why so many equine embryos die

imageP and E Protocol for Controlling Cycles

imageEquine Reproductive Physiology Dr. Lofstedt has provided a good, thorough overview imageCE Courses on Reproductive Physiology

imageBET Reproductive Labs – Endocrine and Reproductive Specialists and The use of domperidone to bring on estrus

imageP4 and Mares Slipping FoalsimageProgesterone Therapy and Pregnancy

Loss” at the 8th AAEP Annual Resort Symposium. Rome, Italy – 2006 imageProgestagens and Pregnancy MaintenanceimageVeterinary Resources and Links

imageLate Term Pregnancy Problems in the Mare – Ventral Ruptures, Dr. Jonathan F Pycock

imageReproduction articles – PycockimageCaslick’simageVulval Conformation, Injuries and the Caslick’s ProcedureimageThe Dirty Mare

imageStallion Reproductive AnatomyimageStallion Breeding Soundness ExamimageBreeding Soundness Exam>imageHorse Anatomy & PhysiologyimageAbdominal Tract TutorialimageLaparoscopyimageLaparoscopic ovariectomy

imagePredicting OvulationimageStages of Early Pregnancy

imageUltrasound Examination of the Reproductive Tract in Female Miniature Donkeys

imageUltrasound DiagnosticsimageLaparoscopic Ultrasound in the Evaluation of Abdominal Structures in the Horse by Gerlach & Ferguson

imageLaparoscopic Procedures in Diagnosis and Treatment of Equines (Spanish) .. Indicaciones y resultados de la laparotomía exploratoria en el caballo

imageNew Bolton Center – Equine ReportsimageGrayson Foundation Database on Reproduction Research

image11th Annual Meeting – Italian Association of Equine Veterinarians, 2005imageAAEP Convention Report

imageProceedings of 50th Annual Convention of the AAEP, 2004

imageProceedings of 49th Annual Convention of the AAEP, 2003

imageProceedings of 48th Annual Convention of the AAEP, 2002

imageWilliam B. Ley, DVM, MS Horse-Repro Cytology and other Endometrial Health Diagnostics

imageEffects of Altrenogest (Regumate) on Stallions – Part 1 and Part 2

imageNational Library of Medicine Searchable Database imageThe Horse Interactive – This is an excellent resource.

imageO J Ginther’s Publications on Equine ReproductionimageHorse Reproduction Advisor a subscription site

imageJournal of Theriogenology (very technical reproductive research, excellent equine information)imageTheriogenology Topics

imageUniversity California – Davis Repro Course OutlineimageTheriogenology Lecture Outline

imageUniversity of Florida Reproduction CourseimageEquine Reproduction VI (Biology of Reproduction articles)

imageTHERIOGENOLOGY – HORSE Public C.E. by Dr Rob Löfstedt

imageHow to breed the highly susceptible mare in practiceimageRecovery of Oocytes Using Transvaginal Ultrasound in the Mare

imagePre-Breeding Evaluation of the MareimageBreeding the Problem Mare

imageDisease of the Female Reproductive Tract (general livestock) and/or imageDiseases of the Female Reproductive Tract C.D.Buergelt, DVM

imageCurrent status of equine embryo transfer (Squires, McCue & Vanderwall; Colorado State University 1999). Breeding Soundness Exams

imageSuggested Technical Reading and Resources

imageLight Programs for Horse Farms

imageSulpiride and light programsimageSelect Breeders Inc.ArticlesimageUterine Cytology – John Dascanio

imageRoanoke AI Laboratories

imageAmerican Society of Animal ScienceimageOtterswick Marketing – breeding videos, books

imageHuman Health Concerns When Working With Medications Around Horses - News

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