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Case studies, workshops and professional planned giving resources.

Individuals considering a charitable remainder or lead trust need to understand that their financial goals can be met without interfering with their family’s security. Heirs can be protected and families united as they redirect their social capital. Develop your potential for economic citizenship.

  • Minimize Estate and Capital Gains Taxes, Reduce Income Taxes
  • Use a charitable remainder trust (CRT) as a Discretionary Pension Plan
  • Control Retirement Income with a NIMCRUT or Spigot Trust
  • Real Estate, Stock Portfolios, Business Assets Repositioned Tax-Free (Lifetime Control of More Capital) through a CRUT
  • Business Exit Strategies for Family Business Owners
  • Coordinate the Control of Your Social Capital with a CRT and Family Foundation or Donor Advised Funds by Giving Away the IRS’ Money.
  • Families with Donative Intent Can Meet Their Financial Goals Within an Integrated Financial and Estate Plan
  • Professional Development for NPO Gift Planners and Commercial Advisors
  • Host Workshops and Private Seminars for Not-for-Profits and Family Groups

Professional Resources and BooksnewNow booking workshops, briefings and seminars for 2006 and 2007 … Association of Advisors in Philanthropy – Conference Philanthropy … Public Link to PGDC – CRT Advisors’ Liability and … New estate and gift tax rates in place now, but what effect will sunset have?

PhilanthroCalc for the WebCONTACT US FOR A FREE PRELIMINARY CASE STUDYFOR YOUR OWN CRT SCENARIO or try your own at Donor Direct

Please note — there’s much more to estate and charitable planning than simply running software calculations, but this service does give you a chance to see how the calculations affect some of the design considerations.

This is not “do it yourself brain surgery”.

When might a CRUT be superior to a CRAT? Which type of CRT is best used with which assets? Although it may be counter-intuitive, sometimes a lower payout CRUT makes more sense and pays more total income to beneficiaries. Learn why and when to use a CLUT vs. CLAT and the traps in each lead trust. Which tools work best in which planning scenarios? Check with our office for solutions to this alphabet soup of planned giving tools.