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~~~ Henry & Associates - Applied Breeding Farm Management Information ~~~

Facility Design in Horse Farm Management
Broodmare Protocols for Foaling Barns Foaling Protocols II
Stallion Semen Evaluation Lab Worksheet
Stallion Management - Semen Collection I Stallion Management - Semen Collection II
Reducing Feed Costs on Your Horse Farm Graphic on Measuring Horse Weight or Weight Calculator
Creep Feeding Foals Ration Calculations
Sample Teasing Record #1 Teasing Record #2 Teasing Record #3
Teasing and Turner's Syndrome Barren Mare Management

~~~ Farm Management Finance Concerns ~~~

Estate and Farm Succession Planning Solutions
Charitable Trust Information Funding Horse Programs via Estate and Gift Planning


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~~~ Nutrition, Feed and Toxic Links ~~~

~~~ Breeding Supplies, Lab Equipment and Vendors ~~~

~~~ Technical Resources on Reproduction ~~~

~~~ Gestation and Foaling Information and Problems ~~~

~~~ Breeding Farm Articles on AI, Semen, Breeding Management ~~~

~~~ University and Professional Training and Resources ~~~

Horse Books and Video
Good Course Outline - Repro in Horses
American Society of Animal Science Ohio State University Short Course Technical Meetings/Calendar of Events
Horse Publications from Oklahoma State University broad listing of many topics of interest to horse owners
Cooperative Extension Service Horse Publications
Equine Fact Sheets from the University of Kentucky good summary of resources.
University of Kentucky Equine Publications - PDF Files University of Kentucky Horse Info
Livestock Production Links - University of California/Davis
University of Missouri Horse Pubs. Purdue University Horse Info Oklahoma State University - Horse Breeds
The Grayson Research Foundation American Association of Equine Practitioners Guide to Vet Tech Schools

~~~ Business Resources ~~~

Equestrian Professionals List of resources, including handouts, calculators, simulations, spreadsheets
Horse Farm Software Horse Farm Management Software Owen's Horse Manager Software
Equimax - Where Jobs and Horse People Find Each Other
Faster Horses Services Horse Farm - Access Database Animal Record Keeper Horse Trak Software Business Products for Horses
Horse Forms and Contracts Preparing a Business Plan Software Links
Fencing Specifications Horse Farm Fencing and Management
Kentucky Horse Council - Going Green Management Manure Management links from Canada's Agr. Dept.
Predator Wasps for Fly Control Lucas Equine Equipment Big Ass Fans New Era - Equine Video Services
Trailering and Equine Travel Safety UShip International Shipping into the USA M
IRS Horse Audit Issues For Farmers - Directory of Resources, Jobs and Resumes

~~~ Breed Registries and Owner/Breed Resources ~~~

The Jockey Club TB Dictionary of Terms
Daily Racing Form Thoroughbred Times The Blood Horse Thoroughbred Racing & Breeding
ThoroughSearch Directory Bloodstock Research (Thoroughbred Information Pedigree and Performance Site)
D-Bar-M Equine Pedigree Research Del Mar Pedigree Database
United States Trotting Association Harness Horse Information (Standardbred)
Glossary of Racing Terms American Quarter Horse Association Information Site
Arabian Horse Information Sites Arabian Horse Registry | The International Arabian Horse Association
Polish Arabian Horse Pedigrees from Janow Warm Bloods - Sport Horse Resources Morab Reference Center American Morgan Horse Association Appaloosa Horse Club
The Miniature Horse USA Equestrian Alabama Horse Council

~~~ Horse Farms ~~~

Gumz Farms Quarter Horse Stallions Marketing Site
T BAR T Miniature Horse Farm 4 R Farm Fair Day Farm
Penn Cross Ranch Janow Podlaski Michalów State Stud Vlasakker Arabians
Umm Qarn in Qatar Georgia Equine Management Offutt Racing Stables Desert Springs Sportshorses
Baer Creek Miniature Horse Farm Denlore Morgan Farm
National Association of Equine Ranching Information Council
Barn Design and Farm Management Articles Stable Environments, Inc. Safe Handling of Large Animals
Thinking the Way Animals Do Humane Society on Disaster Preparedness

~~~ Horsin' Around Stuff ~~~

Animated Knots Illustrated knot tying web site Majestic White Horses DVD
Horse Themed Gifts Farm Goods for Kids Boot Barn Boots Walt's Western World
Stetson Hats Polo Equipment
KTM Breyer Horses - Online Store Toys - Farm Goods for Kids
E-Equestrian Horse Forum

Video Segments
The art of garrocha, inspired by Spanish tradition, and named after the long pole riders use for cattle sorting.
Dr. Rainer Klimke and Ahlerich in New York, 6 Olympic Gold Medalist
Blue Hors Matine and her rider, Andreas Helgstrand
Andreas Helgstrand and Matinee, World Equestrian Games Lorenzo
FEI Musical Dressage Video Doma Vaquera Jerez de la Frontera 2006 or Working Cattle
The Horse: Video Webinars on Health, Lameness, Diseases and Reproduction http://www.thehorse.com/Video.aspx?vID=466">How to Take Your Horse's Vitals

~~~ Horse Links, Publications and Owner Resources ~~~

~~~ Farriers and Horseshoers, Hoof and Lameness Articles ~~~

~~~ Horse Genetics ~~~

Horse Production Course at University of Kentucky
Color Genetics - TAMU
Color Testing Color Chart - Genetics, Cremello, Perlino, Palomino
Equine Genetics PowerPoint series University of California/Davis Horse Genetics Services Horse Genetics links Genetic Disease Testing and Profiling
Horse genomics and the Dorothy Russell Havemeyer Foundation
Heritability of Traits A Survey of Equine Genetics Heritability of Behavior
Congenital Anomalies and Inherited Disorders of the Horse Genetic Mechanisms of Disease Inheritance Of Genetic Disorders
Cerebellar Abiotrophy Horse Genome Project
Lavender Foals or Lavender Foal PDF Overo Lethal White Lethal White Genetics of Overo
Genetic Basis of Respiratory Disorders

~~~ Horse Health and Conformation Page ~~~

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~~~ Equine Behavior ~~~

Equine Behavior Lab Horse Behavior Links Socializing an Unsociable Horse
How to Stop Aggression and Other Behavior Problems in Horses Using an Electronic Collar
Foal Rejection

Here are some book suggestions from Francis Burton:

"Behavior, Development and Training of the Horse" Sautter, Frederic J. & Glover, John A. (Arco Publishing Inc., 1981)
"Behaviour of Horses, The" Kiley-Worthington, Marthe (J.A.Allen, 1987)
"Behaviour of the Horse, The" Fraser, A.F. (CAB International, 1992)
"Behaviour Problems in Horses" McBane, Susan (David & Charles, 1994)
"Behavioural Problems of Farm Animals" Kiley-Worthington, Marthe (Oriel Press, 1977)
"Body Language of Horses, The" Ainslie, Tom & Ledbetter, Bonnie (W.H.Allen, 1987)
"Domestic Animal Behaviour for Veterinarians and Animal Scientists" Houpt, K.A. & Wolski, T.R. (Iowa State University Press, 1982)
"Equine Behaviour: Principles and Practice" Mills, Daniel & Nankervis, Kathryn (Blackwell Science, 1998)
"Horse Behaviour" Waring, George (Noyes Publications, 1983)
"Horse Psychology" Williams, Moyra (J.A.Allen, 1976)
"Horse Sense" Blake, Henry (Souvenir Press, 1994)
"Horse's Mind, The" Rees, Lucy (Stanley Paul, 1984)
"Horses Behavin' Badly" McCall, Jim & McCall, Lynda (Half Halt Press Imc., 1997)
"Horsewatching" Morris, Desmond (Jonathan Cape, 1988)
"How to Talk to Your Animals" Craighead George, Jean (Hodder & Stoughton, 1985)
"Imprint Training of the Newborn Foal" Miller, Robert M. (The Western Horseman Inc., 1991)
"Influencing Horse Behaviour: A Natural Approach to Training" McCall, Jim (Alpine Publications, 1988)
"Language of the Horse, The" Shaeffer, Michael (Kaye & Ward, 1975)
"Nature of Horses, The: Exploring Equine Evolution, Intel & Behavior" Budiansky, Stephen (Free Press, 1997)
"Ponies in the Wild" Gill, Elaine (Whittet Books, 1994)
"Przewalski's Horse: History and Biology of an Endangered Species" Ed. Lee Boyd & Katherine A. Houpt (Suny, 1994)
"Such Is The Real Nature Of Horses" Vavra, Robert (Collins, 1979)
"Talking With Horses" Blake, Henry (Coronet, 1976)
"Thinking Horse, The" Clarke, Andrew (Equine Research Centre, Guelph, 1995)
"Thinking With Horses" Blake, Henry (Souvenir Press, 1993)
"Understanding Equine Behaviour (An Equus Reference Guide)" Susan Harding (1989)
"Understanding Horses" Langley, Garda (David & Charles, 1988)
"Understanding Nervousness in Horse and Rider" Williams, Moyra (J.A.Allen, 1990)
"Understanding Your Horse" McBane, Susan (Ward Lock, 1992)
"Understanding Your Pony" Rees, Lucy (Stanley Paul, 1991)
"Western Horse Behavior & Training" Miller, Robert (Doubleday, 1971)
"Why Does My Horse...?" McGreevy, Paul (Souvenir Press, 1996)
"Wild Horses of the Great Basin" Berger, Joel (Univ Chicago Press, 1986)
"Your Horse's Mind" Marshall, Leonie (Crowood Press, 1996)

(Note that some of these books are now out of print; others have been reprinted since the editions given above.)
Equine Research Foundation Horse Learning & Behavior


VWH Vaughn W. Henry has been consulting and presenting seminars on management programs since 1977. Trained as an animal scientist at the University of Illinois, Henry received his B.Sc. in Agriculture Science in 1973 and a 1974 M.Sc. in Animal Science emphasizing equine nutrition and reproductive physiology. While teaching for 11 years at the college level, Henry established an advisory service business for owners of horse farms, ranches and family businesses seeking improved techniques to reduce expenses and enhance management control of those operations. As he pursued additional schooling, Henry was recognized as an outstanding educator and lecturer on a wide variety of topics, including computerization of small businesses, staff training, improved management of horse farm operations and designing multi-generational programs to pass business assets to heirs. He advises charitable and non-profit organizations on deferred gifting and fund-raising and has a client base with a wide range of family backgrounds, including some "Forbes 400" individuals.

In addition to his practical and technical background in agriculture/animal sciences and small business operations, Henry has received extensive training in the estate conservation and financial services areas. He has a highly specialized estate planning practice and is also a member of the Central Illinois Planned Giving Council - National Committee on Planned Giving, the Sangamon Valley Estate Planning Council, and numerous trade and professional financial services organizations.

Vaughn W. Henry
Henry & Associates
Farm Management Planning Services
22 Hyde Park Place
Springfield, IL 62703 USA
Phone: (217) 529-1958 or Facsimile: (217) 529-1959
E-mail: VWHenry@aol.com

Last Updated: November 7, 2012

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